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07/05/2005: "Leaving on a Jet Plane...."

Who needs to sleep the night before you travel anyhows?

After cuddling in my bed Saturday night July 2nd, with my most excellent doggy Miss Kayabluestar, Evren in his usual master computer chair, one Canadian on the floor, and Total Mess dreaming about his alter boyz, we all settled down to watch Ray, a tell all story about the infamous Mr Ray Charles, quite entertaining a tad long, I caught myself crashing, only to notice 4 am was creeping closer and closer. I decided to make the first move by waking the master brother up and confessing it might be time to say our goodbyes. After kissing TM and slapping his butt for good old times sake, I ran out ASAP avoiding Miss Kayabluestars sad eyes, and there we were off we were to Oakland airport. Arriving 3 hours early and boarding our first flight to JFK international airport, i came to the conclusion that it must have been one of the easiest flights ever. But of course if you start off your trip with an easy ride, its gonna get worse. Or maybe only in my world. After arriving to JFK, 6 hours of trying to sleep, moving around and being envious of my bro totally passed out, I pulled out my knitting and continued on the scarf I promise to finish by Burningman. Making our connection from JFK to Paris, I gave up trying to sleep on the plane. Somewhat 6 incredibly long hours of flying over the ocean, we landed in Paris late for our connecting flight to Turkiye. We were escorted out of the plane, in the rain, and walked to a shuttle which toured us around the airport, Edub and I were scared senseless that we missed our connection, luckily we were able to grab another shuttle to our flight to Istanbul. YAH GO TURKS, we made it. And we only were only a couple of hours late in landing. But finally there we saw our beautiful Mamma Turk, happy as can be on the other side of customs in the Istanbul airport. Chilling for a moment at a bar, enjoying a nice cold beer, my stomach decided she was no longer my friend. OUCH. Miserable as can be Mamma Turk realized I needed to go home, so we caught our first taxi. Thank god cars all have OH SHIT BARS in the back too, cuz y'all would realize why I was a mad driver after being here. Somehow a regular 4 lane highway turns into a 6 or seven lane racetrack. But amazingly no traffic accidents. GO TURKS!

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