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Tuesday, July 19th

9:54 am

TOTALLY Jetlagged. I can't stand it
Madonna on 07.19.05 @ 08:58 AM PST [more..]

Friday, July 15th

Internationally Acclaimed

With Love From Turkiye
Madonna on 07.15.05 @ 11:03 AM PST [more..]

Thursday, July 14th

Veni, Vidi, Vici

Well I might have to finally consider myself a conquistador
Madonna on 07.14.05 @ 11:30 PM PST [more..]

Tuesday, July 12th

Life Too Fragile

Madonna on 07.12.05 @ 11:04 PM PST [more..]

Do As The Ottomans Do

Okay Okay
Madonna on 07.12.05 @ 10:51 PM PST [more..]

Monday, July 11th

They Might Be Giants

Here comes the music
Madonna on 07.11.05 @ 11:16 PM PST [more..]

How to Turk a Turk

My grandfather always says...and my mother complies

Madonna on 07.11.05 @ 01:43 AM PST [more..]

Stories from the Gramps

Mood: Family astonishment

Once upon a time....
Madonna on 07.11.05 @ 01:39 AM PST [more..]

Sunday, July 10th

Next Generation of Turks

One out of the 5 cousins is actually a Turk, the rest eh who knows
Madonna on 07.10.05 @ 02:33 AM PST [more..]

Shopping Anyone?

European fashion.... only way to go
Madonna on 07.10.05 @ 02:03 AM PST [more..]

Only In Istanbul

Mood: mere amazement

Times are a changing
Madonna on 07.10.05 @ 01:58 AM PST [more..]

Wednesday, July 6th

Am I dreaming?

Mood: Complete confusion in a loving Bohemian way

What's going on?
Madonna on 07.06.05 @ 09:49 PM PST [more..]

Tuesday, July 5th

Leaving on a Jet Plane....

Soundtrack: Janis...Janis....Joplin that is
Mood: anyone for a cup of excitement?

Who needs to sleep the night before you travel anyhows?
Madonna on 07.05.05 @ 11:37 PM PST [more..]

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