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07/10/2005: "Only In Istanbul"

Times are a changing

Sittinging here at my gramps house realizing that the keyboard is not Evrim
savvy or maybe its Evrim not keyboard savvy. Geez, i can not even find the
apostrophe. Again what happened? Where am I? How did I end up in such a
magical place? Im in utter confusion nothing more, nothing less. Anyhows
I figured out that my mind is as tired as my feet. Traveling is very hard
work. Not a vacation at all, but a very joyious time. As I sit here in
what used to be the grandchildrens room, now transformed into the computer
room, the hallway is echoing with various conversations. I hear my named
mentioned a couple of times so i must bid my blog a fair adieu till next
time. Before my escape becomes rude
till next time...........

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