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07/12/2005: "Life Too Fragile"


I came to celebrate 80 years of one life, but the tables have turned and now it looks like we have to celebrate another life. My grandmother on my fathers side, who has been fighting for her life for the last year, has been taken to the intensive care unit of a hospital here. She's somewhat 85ish years old, but where she grew up there were no birth certificates, so she is unsure of her age. For the past year, she has been in somewhat of a nursing home/hospice and now as of yesterday she was taken to a hospital. When does one throw in the towel? That is the question. She's been fighting for over a year now, and shes tired and worn. Isn't it better if she just gave up and she won't have to struggle anymore? But then my poor dad, wouldn't no longer have parents. but one may say he has children so he isn't alone. But do children replace parents? As the thought of losing my own parents scurry in my head, and a tear softly rolls down my cheek, I'm in shock that I have to face the chance of my dear grandmothers death, here and now.

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