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07/06/2005: "Am I dreaming?"

What's going on?

Where am I? Could I have really been missing out this long? Listen y'all Americans out there, you need to get your asses outta that country. Well, well, well listen to me, ha. All I'm gonna do is end up on a plane back there anyhows, geez what am I talking about. Spending a day by the "Golden Horn", smoking out of a hukah, seeing amazing mosques such as the Blue and St Sophia, and lets not forget amazing views while sipping tea at Pierre Lotti made me realize I really don't want to come home. Why? Can you stare at the some body of water in the states and feel mystified? Just one glimpse of the Mediterranean had me under its tow. Each wave hitting the shore seemed to roar a different story, a story about great triumph. Or maybe I'm just a romantic at heart, that must be it........... interesting.

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