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07/19/2005: "9:54 am"

TOTALLY Jetlagged. I can't stand it

Back in the USA, told ya I'd come back... Flights were unbelievebly horrible yet again. I think I return to my home and dog, at around 3ish am, when I was supposed to be there at 9pm. But, I hung on and made it. Due to the illness of my grandmamma, my father flew into the Istanbul Airport 2 hours after my brother and I left, so I made sure I waved to him on the plane. I promised I would ya know when his plane past ours. :) :) Haven't heard of any changes with my grandmamma. Last night I had random dreams about her, all night long, almost like a sign. But I was so in and out. I spent most of yesterday walking around shopping and ended up getting a stone massage, which was everything a traveler like me needed with all my baggage. But came home to feeling sicky and still somewhat sicky. Was told that massages make the toxins in your body release and that's why I was feeling under the weather. So I spent most of the night in and out of conscience. I think overall i must have only slept a couple of hours. Wonder how long this is gonna last. TOTALLY Jetlagged. I can't stand it

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